The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 174 - April 2022 General Conference Review

It’s that time of year again: we review some of the talks from General Conference that caught our eye (usually because they contradict scripture).

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One comment on “Iron Rod 174 – April 2022 General Conference Review

  1. Thanks for sifting through the crap so I didn’t have to. On missionary work and activity in the church I find my own family’s situation interesting. I have three brothers, me and the next brother went on missions and then later stopped going. The next brother basically stopped going but never went on a mission. And then the youngest not only didn’t go on a mission, but had their name removed. A lot of my cousins have stopped going, along with my dad and several aunts and uncles. My family is basically 5/8 pioneer stock, and 3/8 recent convert (some of my grandparents). My brothers and I are the 6th generation born into the church. So 7 generations total. Most of my coworkers grew up mormon as well, but only a few of the older ones actually go to church still. So yea the church is having a huge problem.