The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 161 - Lectures on Faith 1 & 2

In this episode we review the first two lectures that were delivered in the school of the elders. Joseph considered these to contain the important elements of the doctrine of Christ and they remained in our scriptures until 1920. Today they contain false doctrines that will get you excommunicated.

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3 comments on “Iron Rod 161 – Lectures on Faith 1 & 2

  1. Just a quick note on the apostasy of the church. I am in my thirties and I don’t think I ever heard a single church lesson on the lectures on faith. I heard some older people mention them maybe once or twice, but am pretty sure I never had any discussion on them at all growing up mostly in Utah. Is it any wonder that a church that puts absolute faith in “god’s prophet” would reject the lord’s doctrine on true faith?

    • Taylor Drake Jan 19, 2022

      It’s so sad that the true doctrine about the nature and character of God has been sidelined. We have it all there in front of us and many will weep and mourn the day they learn the truth. There is great power in exercising faith in the true God…if only people would wake up to their awful situation.

  2. When a bishop says that we need their help to know if and when God has forgiven us, he is questioning our relationship with God, he is saying we are not capable of hearing God’s voice even after He has forgiven us. Something we should remember is that Cain talked with God after he slew Able. Which is questioning our relationship with God even when we are clean, possibily to the point of being worse than Cain’s. This is one of the things that once we understand this idiom it is saying not to do.