The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 147 - D&C 88 (part 3)

We wrap up our discussion of Section 88 with the specific instructions on the school of the prophets, then we discuss Joseph’s letter to a newspaper in Rochester, NY, and a few other historical tidbits. Michael Allison joins us once again for this episode.

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3 comments on “Iron Rod 147 – D&C 88 (part 3)

  1. Peter Taylor Sep 27, 2021

    RE: your discussion around verse 137, I agree that the spirit has been largely scripted out of the LDS meetings. However, wasn’t the “manual” if you will for the School of the Prophets the Lectures on Faith, which were prepared in advance? Should there be any allowance made for spirit-inspired content planned for? On this spectrum, we have “winging it” by the spirit on one end, and discourse written out word by word on the other. What’s the difference whether the Spirit/Holy Ghost fills you with words in the moment of delivering, or in the moment of preparation?

    As Joseph said, “in the proving of contraries, truth is made manifest”.

    Curious on your thoughts. Thanks

    • You make a good point. One correction is that the Lectures on Faith were introduced in the 1834-1835 School of the Elders that was part of the Church of Latter Day Saints. By this time the fullness was being removed. Notice that the Lectures were presented almost as a remedial lesson on faith. We have no record of a prescribed curriculum for the Jan-April 1833 School of the Prophets. We do know from D&C 94:10 that contentions arose within the 1833 school and the Lord sent the participants forth to be chastened, and the next time they meet in Kirtland they are part of a new church with a set curriculum to re-teach the fundamentals of the religion…almost getting back to milk because they failed at the meat.

      The other nuance I would share is that the Lord tells us to study his word and then speak by the Spirit. So we need to gather our thoughts and think things out. That’s how I prepare for each episode of the podcast. I don’t have a set script I follow, but I do have an outline. Once Taylor and I get going, we often end up deviating from the outline as new ideas we hadn’t previously considered come to mind. I think that’s what the Lord expected of this school – everyone came having done their “homework”, and then they were prepared to share and discuss and go wherever the Spirit led them. I’m sure the correlation committee would view that as “winging it,” but I think that’s closer to what the Lord expected than anything else I’ve seen.

      • Peter Taylor Oct 7, 2021

        Thanks for the clarification on the Lectures on Faith. And your thoughts on the matter are very insightful.