The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 141 - D&C 82-83, 99

More instructions on setting up the law of consecration, and specific instructions for John Murdock.

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One comment on “Iron Rod 141 – D&C 82-83, 99

  1. In the first watch God established the beginnings of His kingdom in the Roman Empire. And he used people like Paul to spread the gospel to the gentiles. Why? Because Paul was a roman citizen and thus able to travel freely throughout and had certain legal protections which permitted him to speak and travel etc. The second watch started in America with Joseph. Why? Because we have laws granting freedom of religion etc. And the third watch will also start here in America. Why? Because we are the new Rome and the US passport allows one to travel to most countries of the world freely, and we still have some legal protections which will allow us to begin building up Zion and gathering to the lands of our inheritance by using the system against itself. God will destroy this empire like all other parts of Babylon, but he’ll use it first to benefit his children.