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The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 139 - D&C 77

Section 77 consists of a series of questions and answers regarding portions of the Book of Revelation.

We apologize that the audio quality of this episode is not up to our normal standards.

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One comment on “Iron Rod 139 – D&C 77

  1. I’m working my way through Dr. Heiser’s podcast and haven’t gotten to his coverage of Revelation yet. However, in his series on Exodus he talked about the name of God and the concept that the name represented the presence of the Deity. That may be the same symbolism or meaning of the name of the beast and the name of God being written on the foreheads of people. It’s whether they have the presence of God or Satan within them.

    I also think there is both symbolic meaning and literal meaning. There is some outward sign that allows those with the mark of the beast to buy and sell in Babylon while those who don’t have it are left out.