The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 127 - D&C 53-56

Revelations to Sidney Gilbert, Newel Knight, William Phelps, and others. Some are doing well, others are struggling.

JST Matthew 16:25-29

3 Nephi 12:29-30

D&C 23:6

D&C 58:30-33

Romans 1:18-25

2 Nephi 9:28-30

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3 comments on “Iron Rod 127 – D&C 53-56

  1. Harry May 20, 2021

    Question regarding “unto the 3rd and 4th generation”. Not related to this podcast.
    I never hear or read about Eldred G. Smith. In y mind he would be the perfect marker of the end of the 4th generation from Joseph and Hyrum.
    He was the last Patriarch to the church not having been replaced after his death in April of 2013.
    He was made emeritus by Pres. Spencer Kimball in 1978.
    Your thoughts?

    • I think that is a possibility, but without a scriptural source that clearly identifies that as what the Lord had in mind, we can’t conclusively state that is the answer.