The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 126 - D&C 51-52

We begin with an unpublished revelation to Ezra Thayre promising he will receive power from on high at the June conference at Morley Farm. D&C 51 gives specific directions to the bishop trying to implement the law of consecration. Then we cover the conference at Morley Farm where according to Joseph Smith and several other witnesses, the Melchizedek Priesthood was revealed and conferred for the first time. We finish with Section 52 which was also received at the conference.

D&C 107:63

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

Hebrews 5:5

JST Genesis 14:30-32

D&C 27:12

D&C 128:20

3 Nephi 20:14

3 Nephi 21:2-5

Mormon 5

Mormon 7

D&C 109:60-67

D&C 54:3

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2 comments on “Iron Rod 126 – D&C 51-52

  1. Quinn May 8, 2021

    The below comment became MUCH more detailed/extensive than intended…nonetheless, here it is.

    I have some thoughts regarding the discussion/commentary at approx the 48 minute mark about a potential discrepancy between D&C 20:68 and D&C 52:10. Is this potential discrepancy the result of an erroneous assumption? Consider the verses again.

    D&C 20:68
    • The duty of the members after they are received by baptism—The elders or priests are to have a sufficient time to expound all things concerning the church of Christ to their understanding, previous to their partaking of the sacrament and being confirmed by the laying on of the hands of the elders, so that all things may be done in order.
    D&C 52:10
    • Let them go two by two, and thus let them preach by the way in every congregation, baptizing by water, and the laying on of the hands by the water’s side.

    Nowhere does it mention giving the Holy Ghost. There is an assumption that ‘the laying of of the hands’ equates to it, but that is not what the text says. D&C 20 links ‘laying on of hands’ with being confirmed while D&C 52 is not specified.

    This leaves us to consider a few different questions
    1. Does ‘confirm/confirmation’ = giving the Holy Ghost?
    2. Does ‘laying on of the hands’ = giving the Holy Ghost?
    3. How is the phrase ‘laying on of the hands’ used elsewhere in scripture?

    Consider the 1828 definition of ‘confirm’
    • To make firm; to add strength to; to admit to the full privileges of a Christian

    This could lead us to consider when the terms ‘confirm’ and giving the Holy Ghost are used together. Return to D&C 20, this time verses 38-43 (where is spells out the duties of an apostle). Verse 43 is the target:
    • An apostles calling is “to confirm the church by the laying on of the hands, AND the giving of the Holy Ghost” (emphasis added)

    It seems there are TWO SEPARATE things occurring in that verse: (1) confirm the church by the laying on of the hands ; (2) the giving of the Holy Ghost.

    Could verse 41 threaten this thought? Perhaps, but lets consider that verse:
    • And to confirm those who are baptized into the church, by the laying on of hands FOR the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, according to the scriptures (emphasis added)

    Consider the 1828 definition of ‘for’
    • Towards; with the intention of going to; In advantage of; Conducive to; Leading or inducing to; Towards the obtaining of

    ‘For’ could easily be used to denote a FUTURE event. (This also prompts the question whether giving the HG and the baptism of fire and the HG are the same thing…but that is another topic altogether). Could this definition of ‘for’ mean that confirmation by the laying on of hands is separate from and leading toward the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost?

    It seems to me that the answer to the original questions #1 and #2 is NO; giving the HG does not exactly equate with ‘confirm’ or ‘laying on of the hands’. This thought is bolstered with answering question #3; how is the phrase ‘laying on of the hands’ used elsewhere in scripture?

    Scripturally, the laying on of hands is used to (not exhaustive):
    ◦ Set apart/Ordain (Numbers 8, Alma 6, Moroni 3)
    ◦ Heal/bless (Mark 5, Luke 4, Acts 28, D&C 107:67)
    ◦ Give HG (Acts 8, Acts 19, Moroni 2, D&C 35:6; 39:23; 49:14; 53:3; 55:1; 68:25; 76:52)
    ◦ Confirm/Confirmation (D&C 20: 41-43; 68, HC 1: 77-78, D&C 24:9, 33:15)

    Perhaps I am distracted with unnecessary detail or being too picky here. I feel that the thought has merit, however.

    • Great observation! In my mind I automatically linked those concepts, even though the verses I was reading didn’t. I’m going to have to chew on this.