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The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 107 - The angel's message in 1823

As with the first vision, there are additional accounts of Joseph’s encounter with an angel in September 1823 that provide more information than is found in the Joseph Smith History. After reviewing Joseph’s four accounts, we dive into a series of letters Oliver Cowdery wrote in 1835 that provide detailed information about Joseph’s frame of mind and the Old Testament foundation for the work Joseph was to be involved with.

Luke 1:17

D&C 98:16-17

1 Corinthians 1:27-29

Isaiah 29:14

Psalm 100:1-2

Psalm 107:1-7

Joel 2:28

Isaiah 1:7, 23-27

Deuteronomy 32:23-24

Isaiah 2:1-4

Isaiah 4:5-6

Isaiah 11:15-16

Jeremiah 31:1,8-9,28-33

Jeremiah 30:18-21

Jeremiah 16:16

Jeremiah 50:4-5

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5 comments on “Iron Rod 107 – The angel’s message in 1823

  1. Shimai Dec 27, 2020

    Another great discussion, thanks. Wasn’t aware of the various accounts of the visit. Would love to have the links to them if possible. I also loved the quotes at the beginning from Wesley and the others. Would it be possible to get links or at least the quotes and the source(s) for them as well? Really do appreciate all the research you both do.

    About the date when the visit or vision occurred, I read an interesting article in the Ensign years ago about the significance of the day Joseph received the plates, September 22, 1827. That day was the Feast of Trumpets that year. The article states that “…certain holy days were to coincide with Israel’s early, or spring, harvest [Passover, Feast of Firstfruits]. These holy days were given in part to teach of the Lord’s first coming, including the Crucifixion and Resurrection and the early gathering of Saints into the fold…” while the fall or later harvest holy days (Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles) signified “(1) the beginning of Israel’s final harvest, (2) the day God had set to remember His ancient promises to regather Israel, (3) a time for new revelation that would lead to a new covenant with Israel, and (4) a time to prepare for the Millennium.” Such beautiful imagery and so precise that the Lord would have Moroni (or Nephi) appear on that day four years prior and on that day each succeeding year until Joseph received the plates on the exact day signifying God was about to begin the final harvest of souls. Here is the link to the article for anyone interested:

    One last comment about the geographical location of the Book of Mormon. I personally believe a compelling case can be made for the North America (Heartland model) from history, archeology etc. But, putting all the external evidences aside, I believe the book itself testifies of it being in America. A keyword search in the Book of Mormon of the words “this land,” is very insightful. If interested, this brother did a great presentation on that very topic.

    • Oliver’s account was published as a series of letters throughout 1835 in the Messenger and Advocate.
      I’ve added the key parts to the appendix here:

      John Wesley:
      It does not appear that these extraordinary gifts of the Holy Ghost were common in the Church for more than two or three centuries. We seldom hear of them after that fatal period when the Emperor Constantine called himself a Christian;…From this time they almost totally ceased;…The Christians had no more of the Spirit of Christ than the other heathens….This was the real cause why the extraordinary gifts of the Holy Ghost were no longer to be found in the Christian Church; because the Christians were turned Heathens again, and had only a dead form left. (Wesley’s Works, vol 7, Sermon 89, pp. 26-27).

      Eusebius of Caesarea:
      The Church up to that time [the death of the apostles] had remained a pure and uncorrupted virgin, since, if there were any that attempted to corrupt the sound norm of the preaching of salvation, they lay until then concealed in obscure darkness. But when the sacred college of apostles had suffered death in various forms, and the generation of those that had been deemed worthy to hear the inspired wisdom with their own ears had passed away, then the league of godless error took its rise as a result of the folly of heretical teachers, who, because none of the apostles was still living, attempted henceforth, with a bold face, to proclaim, in opposition to the preaching of the truth, the ‘knowledge which is falsely so-called’ (Eusebius [270-340] quoting Hegesippus [110-180] in Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, Series 2, 1:164).

      I picked up the Justin Martyr quote somewhere, but can’t find the source. If I run across it again I’ll add it.

      • Shimai Dec 28, 2020

        Thanks for the quotes and links. I didn’t realize you had added Oliver’s letters about the visitation to the appendix of the reformatted D&C. That addition and all of the others you’ve added are so helpful. Thank you!

  2. Michael Nelson Jan 15, 2021

    Would you be so kind to point us in the direction of the four different accounts of the angels visit? I can only find the Oliver Cowdery letters in the appendix of the reformatted scriptures.
    On a different note, I love what you guys are doing. It’s so helpful not just for me but I imagine for a lot of listeners.
    May I suggest an idea for a future episode? I’d love to hear you guys go through and dissect the ‘missionary discussions’, particularly the baptisms for the dead. I realise you’ve spoken about aspects in various episodes but it’d be great to have it all in one series/episode.
    Thanks guys,
    All the best.

    • There are four different accounts of the first vision, several of which also include the angel’s visit. Those are also in the back of the reformatted scriptures as the Joseph Smith History (1832, 1835, 1838, and 1842). If we mentioned four accounts of the angel’s visit, that’s what we were referring to.

      Glad to hear you like the podcast. Spread the word!

      Are you referring to the old discussions from the 1990’s (six lessons)? I remember when the church switched to Preach My Gospel, but I never really spent much time examining it.