The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 104 - Moroni 8-10

We wrap up the Book of Mormon this episode, discussing how we mock God and deny the mercies of God when we think that children and people without the law need baptism to be saved, and Moroni’s final message to the Lamanites and to the rest of the world.

D&C 74:2-6

D&C 29:46-47

Mosiah 3:16-18

Mosiah 15:25

D&C 68:25

Isaiah 54:13

Romans 6:11

1 Corinthians 15

2 Nephi 25:25

2 Nephi 9:25

Mosiah 15:24-25

Ether 15:9

D&C 76:34

2 Nephi 26:11

D&C 1:33

D&C 46:11-29

D&C 35:12

D&C 82:2-6

JST Psalm 14

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4 comments on “Iron Rod 104 – Moroni 8-10

  1. Ranae Nov 29, 2020

    I speculate the reason for the vivid description of violence and depravity in Moroni 9 is so that we can recognize the signs of a nation that is ripe for destruction. I would not have believed those kinds of crimes were possible, yet over the course of my life I have heard scattered accounts of rape, torture, murder and cannibalism occurring even in this promised land.

    There is a reason why the death penalty is a suitable punishment for some criminals. In light of the recent resumption of the federal death penalty, I have read some of the crimes these people were found guilty of and am grateful that we have a legal system that can enact justice in a humane way, rather than leaving the grieving family and communities to take the law into their own hands and risk becoming as hardened to violence as the person they seek revenge against. Or on the other hand to live in the knowledge that justice is dead and the loss they have suffered will be repeated and multiplied as the criminals act on the knowledge there is no punishment to fit the crime and they continue unchecked by any earthly justice and no fear of meeting their Heavenly Judge.

    The last reason I think these chapters have merit, is the same as why we needed the chapters about secret combinations and government intrigue. Because some things are done in secret, it is easy to shrug off rumors as “conspiracy theories.” There are rumors of highly placed political, business, and entertainment people who are involved in the trafficking and torture of children (although I doubt it is limited to those groups). Some of this may be part of satanic worship. What is the true price of rising to the top of the political or business world, especially among people who are not restrained by Christian morality?

    We have archeological evidence of ancient cultures doing this, but such things could never exist in our modern civilization, right? What would happen if even a portion of the rumors were found to be true? Would the citizens of the country take the law into their own hands, in which case we too could be witnesses to continual scenes of violence as Mormon and Moroni share? Or is there a way to root it out without becoming lost ourselves? Would public awareness of such things be an indication of where we are in becoming ripened in iniquity and ready for God to pour out His wrath without measure? It would certainly fit the description of the blood of the saints crying out from the dust. Mormon and Moroni saw our day, maybe more clearly than we do. The question then is what can we do about it?

    • Great thoughts Ranae. What can we do? I need to ponder more on that. However, in our home we are boycotting stuff that doesn’t lead to Christ. No TV, no Netflix, and mostly no Hollywood productions. Since everything evil is so subtle and pervasive I wonder what will be left to not boycott. My wife and I are reading and discussing books you know, “ out of the best books.” Is the idea. We are also trying to improve our prayer life and Phil McLemore’’s tutorials might help. I am going to try to discipline myself to meditate and pray better because that very question about what can I do has been on my mind a lot lately. I also believe that sources that provide news coverage through a Christian lens should be supported. At some point, with all the hateful inaccurate spin I believe the time will come to defend Christian values possibly amidst threats of harm and “honour him mid shame and scorn.” Thanks for the thoughts and question.

      • Ok I just remembered that I have found two news sources from Jewish people that are helpful as well.

  2. Thank you both very much. This study has been valuable. My wife and I follow you every week. Philip Mcelmore, the man from the RFM podcast you referred to has some tutorials for meditation and prayer on YouTube. I know people who try to focus on the scriptures and the Saviour and yet feel that they will never be saved. They won’t make it in spite of prayers and fasting and study, they think. Please pass on some hope from the scriptures. Some scriptures are seen as the final hopeless word to some folks. Please share some thoughts on this and may God bless you both for your labour of love.