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Iron Rod 031 - The Presiding Patriarch

The office of Presiding Patriarch was introduced in the 1830’s when Joseph Smith Sr. was ordained to that office and told that he and his posterity would hold that office. In D&C 124, the Lord specifies the duties of that office and called Hyrum to the office of Presiding Patriarch after the death of his father. Upon the death of Hyrum, efforts began immediately to minimize and marginalize the Presiding Patriarch, until in 1979 the leadership just got rid of the office. In addition to discussing what the office is supposed to be, and what that means for us today, we also reveal the traditionally accepted date of the introduction of the Presiding Patriarch is wrong, and how the actual date fits perfectly into the downgraded-church timeline.

D&C 124:28, 91-96, 123-143

D&C 104

D&C 107:39

Matthew 23:15

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4 comments on “Iron Rod 031 – The Presiding Patriarch

  1. In reference back to the Elijah and John the Baptist podcast I had a head start before last week. I had listened to many YouTube audio recordings read by Mrs. Watcher and many of them more than once. Solving the Prophet Puzzle and The Secret History of the Church and The Return of Joseph Smith gave me much to process including Elijah and John the Baptist. I recommend these recordings to everyone as a supplement and support to the Ironrodpodcast. There is so much to process in the search. In my case, Watcher is always with you. Thank you for your research and presentations which are gratefully received and most helpful. In regard to the Patriarch: it is a sorry day when the scriptures are totally ignored, swept under the rug, and misrepresented. Unfortunately, I am one who took things lightly and you uncover things that make me say, “How did I miss that?” I am starting to see “hidden treasures of knowledge” that I never even noticed before.

  2. Wow, great podcast. As someone who is just starting to seek answers, the summary of the downgrading of the church was very insightful. Can you post the scripture reference to 3.5 years from Revelations?
    Also, would you be able to start posting references for the non-canonized quotes you use from church history or otherwise? For this podcast, the references to Joseph saying Hyrum was in charge, as well as the incorporation of the Church under President Grant would be super helpful.

  3. By the church’s/corporation’s logic, we shouldn’t have a presiding bishopric either because we have even more bishops than local patriarchs. One thing I’ve been wondering about for the last several years is the accuracy/validity of patriarchal blessings. I’ve studied my own and some things seem to fit but others don’t. The patriarch who gave me my blessing seemed to be a sincere good man who continued to give blessings despite being quite ill. But I still am not sure.