The Iron Rod Podcast
The Iron Rod Podcast
Iron Rod 003 - Reformatted scriptures

We discuss MD’s reformatted scriptures project, which puts the text back into paragraph form, removes commentary, minimizes the impact of chapters and verses on the flow of text, and highlights key changes.

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One comment on “Iron Rod 003 – Reformatted scriptures

  1. Vickie Ottley Jul 24, 2021

    I recently purchased Taylor’s book, Joseph in the Gap and I’m enjoying it immensely. Today I began the podcast starting with episode 1. Thank you! It’s so refreshing to hear your voices and have your ideas based in the scriptures! I’ve listened to many of the popular podcasts and while they are entertaining and informative I’ve been left feeling like their view point discredits Christ. I’ve never understood why so many end up atheists after their deep dive into Mormon history. I’m a 70 year old woman, raised in the church. Sealed in the temple to a returned missionary. Did everything my TB Mormon mother taught me. The only way to find happiness is to do these things. Well, the RM turned out to be an ass and 20 years and 4 children later I divorced him and stopped attending church. I’ve always believed in God and Jesus and felt a deep love and connection to them and the scriptures. I’ve also always believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet not withstanding his flaws. None of the podcasts I’ve heard have had any effect on these truths. Now I find Peter Bleakley, whom I love and you two! I consider it a blessing to have discovered your book, podcast. And now I’m just hearing about your Bible project!!! God bless you both.