Iron Rod 018 – The Holy Ghost

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This week’s topic has several interesting angles: are the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit the same thing or different?  Is the Holy Ghost a personage? What is the gift of the Holy Ghost and how does one receive it? Can we receive it today? Not only do we answer those questions, but there’s also a special musical number by Searcher.

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10 comments on “Iron Rod 018 – The Holy Ghost

  1. Josh Nelson Apr 9, 2019

    That guitar solo!!! Strong work brothers.

  2. Mr. Finch Apr 9, 2019

    I wanted to mention that in the Book of Revelation, the Holy Ghost is referenced in Verse 13:2 as the great authority. Of course the reference to the godhead in that verse is somewhat satirical but the description of the Godhead is correct. The verse reads “And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion; and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

    That is, the dragon (false god) gave him (the beast) his power (the function of the 1st member of the Godhead), and his seat (the function of the 2nd member of the Godhead), and great authority (the function of the 3rd member of the Godhead). As you can see, John is telling us that the dragon, although a false god, represents himself as the true power (God the Father), he also represents himself as holding the seat of salvation (The Christ), and he represents himself as the great authority (the Holy Ghost). Since the celestial kingdom is truly the great authority, then the third member of the Godhead represents that kingdom in the Godhead. Although he may be an individual, he is accountable to us with regard to the laws of that kingdom. Thus we have in our lives the Father that is the power of our creation in the kingdom, we also have the Christ that is the seat of our salvation in the kingdom, and the Holy Ghost that is the great authority of our participation in the kingdom; something like that. I did not say “into the kingdom” because the condition of The Fathers power in our lives, as well as the seat of the salvation of Christ in our lives, and the great authority of the Holy Ghost in our lives is an eternal condition, and not merely a condition for the entrance into the celestial kingdom.

  3. MegTab Apr 10, 2019

    What about Doctrine and Covenants 121:46?

    • Well that’s just downright embarrassing! I can’t speak for Searcher, but I had used companionship when searching and it didn’t match with companion, so I never made the connection. Even worse, it was already underlined in my paper scriptures!

    • Watcher Apr 10, 2019

      Good catch on finding that passage.

      I think the main point being made in the podcast is that there is no scriptural basis for the current teaching that little children and others receive the constant companionship of the holy ghost at the time of confirmation after baptism.

      The passage in section 121 seems to be referring to a blessing related to the doctrine of the priesthood being revealed and distilled upon someone after they have shown forth charity for their fellow man and virtue has garnished their thoughts, resulting in their confidence waxing strong in the presence of God. The passage seems more likely to be suggesting that a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, follows calling and election and the second comforter, rather than water baptism.

      One could also argue that the ending passage of that section was directed specifically to Joseph Smith, the designated holder of the scepter of righteousness.

      Bottom-line, if that is the only passage that speaks of the possibility of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, how did we get the current tradition of teaching that all baptized members are given the constant companionship following baptism when we all know that we actually only enjoy the intermittent companionship of the Holy Ghost at best.

    • Mr. Finch Apr 10, 2019

      The best that I can come up with is that the Holy Ghost is a connection to the Celestial Kingdom. Thus, the three members of the Godhead are: God the Father, Lord Jesus, and the Celestial Kingdom. Thus, the gift of the Holy Ghost is a gift connecting us to that kingdom. However, I do not know the particulars of it all. So it seems that the gift is not the promise that comes from the Savior alone.

      So there is a gift and there is a promise and each pertain to the kingdom. However, once the promise is obtained then the gift can not be denied.

      Additionally, I have often thought that the first presidency over this earth is Lord Jesus, Michael, and John. I may have already mentioned this but these three in addition to God the Father are the four beasts of Revelation Chapter 4.

  4. Jessi H Apr 10, 2019

    Great show, guys!
    Something I wanted to comment a few shows ago, but didn’t get to it, is a word link between the foundation era and our day. In section 123 v 7, Joseph writes from Liberty Jail “of that spirit which hath so strongly RIVETED the creeds of the fathers, who have inherited lies, upon the hearts of the children, and filled the world with confusion…”
    In 1996, M. Russell Ballard wrote/spoke,
    “Keep your eyes RIVETED on the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. We will not lead you astray. We cannot. Let me tell you why. Every week that I am in town, I attend a meeting of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve on the fourth floor of the Salt Lake Temple. If you could see the process by which decision and direction comes from that meeting, you would have a deep sense of confidence and comfort that the will of the Lord is being taught by the leaders of the Church.
    So keep your eyes RIVETED on the leadership of the Church.”

    Anyway, I just thought that was an interesting connection.

    • Jessi:
      That is a RIVITING connection! We are so tied down by tradition that we fail to see ourselves in Scripture. We hear over and over and over and over again how we need to place our trust in men, instead of in the word of God.

      Great use of word searching technology to draw an interesting and significant parallel.

    • Mr. Finch Apr 12, 2019

      You are speaking to the choir. Recently I was visiting with a follower of Denver Snuffer and it seems that they (the followers of Suffer) have simply swapped out Nelson for Snuffer. Like; “Just trust in Snuffer because he will not lead you astray.” It seems that they are so needy of a leader that the Savior will not suffice. I am so grateful for this site so that I can learn for myself and follow no man but Lord Jesus.

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